Sex Toy Handbook – What’s What in the Bedroom

For men looking to spice things up in their love life, visiting an adult toy store or website may be the way to go. But for the newbie, the overwhelming selection makes it hard to know what goes where and who uses what and how. Enter the sex toy handbook… check out this handy guide to some of the most popular gadgets for tantalizing both men and women, as well as how to maintain penis health for what is sure to be a wild ride experimenting with all the new toys!

Toys for Her

While it’s not to say men can’t derive pleasure from some of these toys – or don’t enjoy being in on the action with their partner – the following toys are designed with a woman’s body in mind.

1. Vibrators: Made famous by the TV show “Sex and the City,” vibrators are probably the most common toy sought out by women. They come in every color, shape and size imaginable – from a tiny one that slips over a finger to very large and in charge – there is sure to be something that intrigues her lady bits. Beginners may prefer an egg or bullet vibrator, which is simply a round shape with no bells and whistles, while an adventurous lover may prefer a rabbit vibrator that boasts simultaneous clitoral and g-spot stimulation.

2. Dildos: Dildo’s are – in the simplest terms – non-vibrating penis-shaped sex toys. They also come in many styles and colors – and unrealistic sizes – but they tend to look very similar to the real thing. Some stores even sell kits where a man can make a mold of his own business to create a dildo in his own image – talk about a personal gift for the wife or girlfriend!

Toys for Him

Some of the more popular purchases made by men are listed below, though this is certainly not a comprehensive list of all the penis gadgets to be had!

1. Cock rings: A cock ring is a stretchy ring that fits snuggly around the base of the penis. It is designed to minimize blood flow out of the penis, therefore allowing for maximum engorgement of the manhood. For most men, it also delays climax, allowing them to last longer. Some cock rings are even outfitted with nubs or vibrators to enhance stimulation for her.

2. Masturbators: Male masturbators come in a variety of designs but are essentially soft, gel filled sleeves that go over the penis. The man – or his partner – then masturbate with the sleeve, which creates more intense sensations than the hand alone – and in some cases are meant to simulate oral sex.

Toys for Couples

Some toys are designed for couples to use together – at their own risk of course!

1. Sex Swing: Perhaps one of the more dangerous toys out there, this definitely takes skill to master, but is certain to spice up any sex life. Sex swings hang from the door jamb and essentially suspend the woman up off the ground in various positions, allowing for exciting and acrobatic sex to enter the repertoire.

2. Anal toys: Anal beads, vibrators, and probes can be enjoyed by both men and women – though couples sharing toys should cover each toy with a condom during use and sanitize it thoroughly before swapping with each other.

3. Bondage: Another sexual craze made famous by the “50 Shades” books, bondage toys encompass everything from fuzzy handcuffs, to whips and blindfolds, to ball gags and restraint systems. Be sure to have a safe word in place before experimenting with these toys – a word that gives a signal to stop the action if anyone gets uncomfortable – to avoid any negative emotional reactions!

Preparing the Penis for Play

Before introducing sex toys into the bedroom, both partners need to be on board and interested in taking it to the next level. It is also wise to stock up on some good lubrication, as extended sessions in the sack can lead to chafing, irritation, and even pain, bringing the fun evening to a close. Prep the penis by using a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil), which contains moisturizing Shea butter and vitamin E. Not only will this keep the skin supple, but it will help repair skin if things get a little too rough in the bedroom!

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Get Satisfaction From Your Sexual Experience With Sex Toys

All around the world, there will always be a handful of couples that have been left unsatisfied by their sexual partners. Others may also say that the occasional use of some sexy lingerie is no longer enough to ensure that their sex doesn’t get boring. The general consensus that regular love making is becoming dull has made sex toys such a valuable addition to a couples sex life.

So how does the use of adult toys like dildos or vibrators enhance someone’s sexual experience? As a relationship continues to progress, there is a tendency for the couples sex life to become boring because foreplay becomes more and more neglected. Essentially, some couples have chosen to press the fast-forward button of the sex, skipping the excitement that foreplay produces and diving to intercourse right away. The addition of sex toys to the sexual experience gifts the couple with the “spice” and passion that they may be losing.

Sex toys generally provide more playfulness and pleasure to the entire sexual experience. For example, the simple use of a vibrator can make sex more enjoyable for the woman as it prepares her for actual intercourse. The simple knowledge that you are pleasuring your partner is also something that a man will enjoy. When a couple uses sex toys together, it also has a tendency to make intercourse more intimate and thus helping the couple grow closer in other aspects of their relationship.

Sex dolls, vibrators, dildos and any other kind of sex toy imaginable were all made for the sole purpose of heightening pleasure and giving the user a greater orgasmic experience than that of regular masturbation. So, if you’re looking for a way to add more spice to your sexual life, taking a trip to the sex store such as Temptations Direct should be on your agenda.

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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life and Save Your Relationship

The Question:

My partner and I have been together for 2 years now and we have been living together for about 4 months. Now that we are living together I feel that our relationship has changed. We hardly ever have sex, probably once a month is about all we manage to achieve.

I love sex and I’m sure that my partner does too, but for some reason we just can’t seem to make an effort to do the wild thing – one of us or both are always tired and sometimes it feels like we’re losing sexual compatibility; now it seems like I’ve had more passion in the past with other men or in the beginning of our relationship.

We do love each other and we’ve been through a lot together but I feel that our relationship is changing and I don’t know what to do about it.

We are becoming more like best friends everyday and I’m scared that the passion is fading. His idea of seduction and mine are totally different – he thinks ‘Let’s have sex?’ is an acceptable phrase into seducing a woman into hot sex, where as I would rather be pinned up against a wall without a word being said and so on…

When we weren’t living together our relationship was great; we did struggle a bit in the sex department but 3 times a week compared to once a month was a vast improvement.

Any advice you have considering this situation would be greatly appreciated. I don’t think I want to lose my relationship but I don’t know if I have the will power to save it – I don’t know what to do.

The Answer:

You might be surprised to learn that almost all long term relationships go through this ‘phase’ where everyone seems to get a little lazy. From my experience, it seems to happen somewhere between 18 months and 3 years into the relationship.

Here are some ideas that will help you make the best decision for you.

Does he know how you feel?

Open and honest communication is the most important component of any relationship.

Talk about it! Yes, with him, not with your girlfriends, not with anyone else. It’s absolutely amazing how many lovers simply don’t communicate openly and honestly with one another.

So many guys chat about their love live with their buddies, often as a way of bragging and showing off. And then they ask their guy friends if this or that sex idea would be ok. This is a bad idea for guys and girls. If you’re trying to figure out what sexual experiences to try out, talk with your lover not your buddies.

So, does he know that you crave hot spontaneous sex, or that you get excited by playing a little rough? Guess what, he might like that too! Or he might not, but you’ll never know if you don’t explore this topic together. And by the way, you’ll have a lot of fun and get a lot closer in the process.

Don’t hurt anyone’s feelings and check your ego at the door

It’s a strange thing, but sex partners often get their feelings hurt when one of them suggests trying something new, or doing something a little differently.

Get over it! The point of sex and intimacy is to enjoy each other and be happy together! Unless of course you’re focused solely on making babies – but that’s not the topic of this article…

Getting comfortable and killing your relationship

Complacency, also known as “getting comfortable” is the death knell of so many relationships, it may as well be a full blown epidemic. So many couples strive to “get comfortable”. What that means is they stop trying. And guess what… you stop trying, and your relationship dies. It’s that simple. The excitement and attraction dies, and your relationships becomes a project that you’re always fixing up. That’s no fun.

So how can you add that spice and excitement back into your relationship so that you’re not just lusting after those hot bodies at the gym?

Seduction as a game for lovers – the chase begins anew

The thrill of seduction doesn’t end when you get into a relationship. Why give up such a wonderful thing, even if you could?

Admit it, we enjoy the chase. I know I do and I’m at peace with it. And if you’re not chasing your lover, you’ll end up chasing someone else. We’re just wired that way. So let’s just accept that fact and use it to our advantage.

When was the last time you tried to seduce your partner? No, I’m not talking about coming home and saying “hey, let’s go have sex”. Blah! Boring!

I mean dressing up to look your best, wearing something sexy and feeling sexy.

Some of the best and most exciting sex is spontaneous sex, when you’re so wrapped up in the heat of the moment that you just can’t stop from ripping each other’s clothes off! Now that’s excitement. And doesn’t it sound more fun than “hey, let’s go have sex”?

Schedule hot sex dates

You go through the trouble of scheduling lunch and dinner appointments with just about everyone in your life. How about paying at least that much attention to your lover? Make time for that really steamy hot date, and plan accordingly. That way you’ll both be anticipating it all day, or all week.

Make a sex date box

Here’s a neat idea. Get together with your lover and each of you jot down a steamy date idea on a piece of paper and agree that each time you go on a hot steamy date, you’ll pick a card from your special sex date box.

Watch some erotic movies – together

Basic Instinct, Wild Orchid, 9 and 1/2 Weeks – it doesn’t have to be Playboy Porn, just something that gets you excited – trust me – he’ll get excited simply by you being excited.

Go out and buy some hot lingerie – together

What could be more exciting than shopping for hot lingerie together? By the time you’re done, you’ll be well in the mood for a hot sex date.

How about going to an adult toy store – together?

Maybe go visit an adult toy store together. Even if you don’t buy anything, you’re sure to have a lot of fun checking out all the merchandise.

Mix it up with some new sexual adventures

Doing the same old thing over and over again is bound to get boring. You wouldn’t watch the same TV show for the rest of your life, would you?

Try something different. Whether you’re up for a threesome or interested in the wild latex world of BDSM, the same idea applies.

Be open to new experiences. Venture out and keep it exciting.

In summary

Talk with your partner about sex. Really, make a date to sit down and go over it. Then resolve to always talk about it form then on.
Check your ego at the door. If your partner makes sex suggestions and you get defensive, then you’re missing the point completely. Get over it and put your partner first. You’ll be glad you did.
Don’t strive to get “comfortable” in a relationship. If you’re there, break out of it before you doom your relationship for good.
Bring the excitement of seduction and the chase back into your relationship – fast.
Actually schedule some hot sex dates with your partner. Really.
Keep it exciting with some new sexual adventures. Try new things. Open your mind and explore the entire world of sex possibilities.

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7 Tips to Protect Your Kids From Sex Offenders

There are seven things all parents should do to protect their children from registered sex offenders:

1) Teach Your Children Their Own Information.

Teach your child(ren) their full name, address, phone number with area code, parents’ names and work phone numbers. Practice reciting this information often as children may often forget pertinent information over time. Also practice how to make an emergency call to you or 911 from a pay phone.

2) Teach Children Who Should be Safe.

Children should be taught at an early age what type of “stranger” is okay to ask for help when they are lost or frightened. Good examples are: a mother with children, a counter clerk in a store or a uniformed police officer. Next time you visit a store, practice picking these types of people out with your child(ren).

3) Know Where Your Child Goes.

Children should always inform you before they go anywhere. Get specific information. Get the name, address, and phone number of the house they are going to. This applies to older children as well since they are equally at risk to abduction by registered child offenders. Ask the questions: who, what, when, where, why and take the time to note and follow up on their responses.

4) The Buddy System.

Never let your children go anywhere alone. Remind them that there is safety in numbers and they should always use the buddy system, never going anywhere alone. Stress the point that they should avoid situations that might isolate them from others or crowds. Be sure you know the buddy.

5) Teach Children About Scams.

Ice Cream cones, candy bars and puppies are the most common lures sex offenders use to lure kids to them. Children should be taught not to be fooled by these things. They tend to trust someone with a puppy. To watch out for adults asking for directions, help finding something they lost, that their parents are in trouble and that they will take them to mom or dad. Make sure your child understands that they should always keep a safe distance from strangers.

6) Develop a Safe-Word System.

Children can be very trusting of adults, especially adults whom they may be somewhat familiar with. It is critical that you and your child(ren) have a safe-word system. Work out ahead of time an arranged safe-word that any adult who tries to accompany them must have before they will go anywhere with them. Pick a safe-word that is both easy for your child to remember and something that is not easy for a stranger to determine (don’t make a safe-word out of a name or address). Share the safe-word only with your child, family members and trusted friends.

7) Always Keep an Up-To-Date Record of Your Child’s Information & Description.

In case of an emergency, it is imperative that a readily available, up-to-date record is kept. Records should include a recent photograph, fingerprints, physical attributes and even a DNA sample. The easiest way to keep up-to-date records on your child is with a child ID kit.

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18 Lies About Sex That Every Single Must Know

Today, there is so much of confusion about the relationship between sex and love. For lack of correct knowledge, many singles have been sexually victimized. In most cases, it has been observed that girls and ladies are the most vulnerable in their dating lives.

Ladies and girls are prone to deceit from their male counterparts as well as from adults who may want to take advantage of them. Studies showed that an average girl must have had sex as a teenager. Their dates took advantage of them.

Are you a teen? Are you a single, either youthful spinster or bachelor? Are you a parent? It will do you good to be aware of the lies that are common in all countries of the world about sex.

1. Sex is an antidote to menstrual pains. It is a lie. Menstrual pain is natural with every female; you can’t stop it by having sex.

2. Sex stops wet dream. It is part of every male beginning from puberty to have nocturnal discharge of excess sperm that is stored up in the body. It is normal.

3. It is a lie that boys who keep away from sex will often have stomach or an abdominal problem.

4. Having sex as a teenager prepares you for a good sex life in marriage relationships. It is not true.

5. If you don’t have sex as a single, you will find it difficult to deliver babies. It is a lie.

6. There is the need to test the potency or fertility of your partner. A single test can lead you to habitual sex. Avoid it.

7. Romance is the only thing you need without having sex. Romantic acts such as pecking and fondling of the breasts will stimulate you for sex.

8. If you don’t have sex, it shows you are not mature. Signs of puberty are enough to tell you that you are ripe for sex. Don’t give in to deceit by testing your maturity through untimely sex.

9. Men hate virgins. It is not true. The best gift to offer your husband after wedding is your virginity.

10. It is much easier to de-flower a girl than a married adult. No matter your age, you will still experience pain when you have sex the first time. Keep yourself till marriage.

11. Giving sex to a boy wins his love for you. Sex does not prove love. Prostitutes do have sex without any emotional attachment to their customers.

12. Sex is a good tool to keep your date faithful to your relationship till marriage. It is false.

13. If you shy away from sex, you are not a cute boy or a cute girl. It shows that you are not disciplined as a youngster.

14. Having sex the first time in your virginity does not lead to pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Who told you that? Don’t take foolish risk.

15. Having multiple sex partners is part of life. That’s another lie.

16. If a girl or a boy does not demand for sex, she or he does not love you. It is a lie.

17. Sex is a common thing that everybody is doing. It is not true. Some people still keep their chastity.

18. Adequate experience in sex will make the effect of rape less severe on you. It is by no means true.

Wisdom is better than folly. Generally, people may pretend not to appreciate it that there is great value in chastity and fidelity. Don’t believe lies. Take note of these lies as you go on onto any dating experience.

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